Busta Rhymes is Back! All his tracks are fire

Busta Rhymes is Back! Ele 2 The Wrath of God Album 2020

Thank fuck.

I haven’t blogged here for 3.5 years, because of various reasons, and one of the bigger ones was not being inspired by a lot of music out today. I’ve grown to appreciate some newer artists and go with how hip hop music is evolving, and I feel like I’m in a more positive place to write here again.

Shoutout also goes to one of my lifelong friends who will just send me a link to watch after months of not having chatted to each other, because that’s the kinda tight relationships I have with my besties. He was spot on with the BET Cypher 2020 that I blogged about earlier and was the inspiration for me to get back to this blog that I started over a decade ago.

Busta Rhymes is Back!

Very quickly I found that absolute hip hop legend Busta Rhymes is back with an onslaught of lyrics and videos. He’s just been pumping them out over the last 24 hours and I am loving all of it. 

Reuniting with some of his buddies like Mariah, Bell Biv Devoe and Q-Tip, plus new collabs with Kendrick Lamar, Vybz Kartel and some others I never heard of, it’s a great mix of classic and new BUSTA-BUSS music.

Busta Rhymes is Back - Ele 2 The Wrath of God album 2020

Busta Rhymes’ new album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God is out now.

Below are the tracks in order of my personal preference.

Busta Rhymes – Look Over Your Shoulder (Lyric Video) ft. Kendrick Lamar

Take a baby-faced Michael Jackson classic and use one line as the inspiration for a DOPE ass track with a DOPE ass collaborator. RIP MJ.

Busta Rhymes – Outta My Mind (Audio) ft. Bell Biv Devoe

What can I say, I love the sample and this has that new jack swing vibe that always gets me up and dancing.

Busta Rhymes, Rapsody – Best I Can (Audio)

The sampling on this gives me such chills, it is so well-produced. DAMN. The message is really interesting, real deep. Love to those going through this.

Busta Rhymes – You Will Never Find Another Me (Audio) ft. ‎Mary J. Blige

An R&B/soul queen yes yes yes Mary J.!

Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross – Master Fard Muhammad (Audio)

I love soulful samples and this one is a smooth mmmm saxophone mood.

Busta Rhymes – Deep Thought (Audio)

Busta Rhymes, ‎Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Slow Flow (Audio)

Bringing back ODB on this, now that gave me chills. What a great idea. Damn. RIP ODB.

Busta Rhymes, Chris Rock, Rakim, Pete Rock – E.L.E. 2 Intro (Audio)

Busta Rhymes – Where I Belong (Audio) ft. Mariah Carey

Ok, elements of the backing track, melody and even the lyrics are reminiscent of their previous collab and I really like that subliminal connection. Mariah is

This track isn’t timeless-classic status like “I Know What You Want” but it’s still a great song.

Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip – Don’t Go (Audio)

Busta Rhymes – True Indeed

I just wish this track was longer. Real classic vibes on a good beat. Damn.

Busta Rhymes, Vybz Kartel – The Don & The Boss (Official Video)

The blend of these heavy-hitting artists from different genres works so well on this track. BOM-BAP!

Busta Rhymes – Satanic (Audio)

The best part of this track is Chris Rock’s unmistakeable screeching which is fucking hilarious, bringing some lightness to an otherwise dark track.

Busta Rhymes – Freedom? (Audio) ft. Nikki Grier

Busta Rhymes – Boomp! (Audio)

Busta Rhymes – Oh No (Audio)

Busta Rhymes – The Purge

Busta Rhymes – E.L.E. 2 The Wrath of God (Audio) ft. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Busta Rhymes – Strap Yourself Down (Audio)

Busta Rhymes, Anderson .Paak – YUUUU (Audio)

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