• thug notes pride and prejudice

    Thug Notes: Pride and Prejudice Explained By A Gangsta

    A modern-day summary of a classic tale: Pride and Prejudice I’m digging this new short YouTube series where classic literature is broken down by a ‘gangsta’. The contemporary storytelling method is designed to assist millennials and younger generations to understand and appreciate the universal themes penned by Jane Austen, from what might otherwise be inaccessible prose as the vernacular changes more and more with the digital age. This video breaks down Austen’s second novel, Pride and Prejudice, which just happened to be announced yesterday as the “The Nation’s Favourite Second Novel” by The Royal Society of Literature. With so many modern adaptations and appropriations such as the one featuring Keira Knightley…

  • wild n out nick cannon highlights video

    [Video] Wild N’ Out – Best of Guests (Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Tyga & more)

    These freestyle rap battles used to have the illest, roughest kinda talent but catching a few clips of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n’ Out show didn’t leave much of an impression. Thankfully someone put together some of the best burns and damn I could watch Snoop burn all day. The Mariah jokes will probably start to get old and Nick takes them in stride, and I gotta say Tyga was pretty good with his audience participation. Check it out with Snoop, Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Tyga and a few more in this highlights video.

  • The Beygency Saturday Night Live

    [Video] SNL – The Beygency ft Andrew Garfield

    This is hilarious, Andrew Garfield commits the unforgivable by saying he’s not a fan of one of Beyonce’s tracks… which triggers ‘The Beygency’ to come after him for his crime. She responded on Twitter with a screenshot saying “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Gotta love Queen Bee.

  • Humour

    [Video] Twerking in the Rain by Todrick Hall

    Hilarious. I’ve been a fan of Todrick Hall since his ‘Beauty and the Beat‘ video just over a year ago, mixing up fairytales with modern beats to create mini-musicals on YouTube. He got famous with a musical McDonald’s order and recently he’s been featured on Forbes and listed on the 30 under 30, Entertainment industry.

  • Justin Timberlake on toes

    Study shows what women want on the dancefloor

      So when I saw this article about the study, I thought it sounded interesting and had expectations of detailed dance moves e.g. bboy moves versus a popper’s moves. Boy was I disappointed. They recruited a bunch of random men and told them to dance to random beats, and out of that showed that larger movements were favoured by women as opposed to small, walking types of movements. I was truly having a WTF moment. This also reminded me of conversations I’ll have with my girlfriends around dating standards – as a dancer, we’d usually have certain standards of guys and dance skills are up there. It is quite cute…

  • Humour

    Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon do an acapella of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and it’s awesome

    I love Jimmy Fallon and now I love Kevin Spacey even more so with this dope “barbership quartet” rendition of “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo. It’s soooo good. The original track is further below for those who haven’t heard it and can make the comparison. Damn they look and sound so sharp. It’s already received 843,000+ views just 24 hours after being released on YouTube.