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Thug Notes: Pride and Prejudice Explained By A Gangsta

A modern-day summary of a classic tale: Pride and Prejudice

I’m digging this new short YouTube series where classic literature is broken down by a ‘gangsta’. The contemporary storytelling method is designed to assist millennials and younger generations to understand and appreciate the universal themes penned by Jane Austen, from what might otherwise be inaccessible prose as the vernacular changes more and more with the digital age.

pride and prejudice

This video breaks down Austen’s second novel,¬†Pride and Prejudice, which just happened to be announced yesterday as the “The Nation’s Favourite Second Novel” by The Royal Society of Literature.

With so many modern adaptations and appropriations such as the one featuring Keira Knightley or the 21st century ass-kicking female protagonist of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, there was bound to be a twist on the retelling of this classic love story.

“Jane be straight trippin cuz Bingley peaced outta town with no explanation.”

Even I can’t keep up with all the characters and their relationships after the first read-through so here’s a diagram that you can reference:

Pride and Prejudice Character Map

Enjoy the video!

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